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5000w 48v wind turbine charge controller 1KW 10KW

  • Product Description



    Product can be used to supply pow for those street lights, monitoring devices, remote communication base stations, border posts and coastal islands. Besides, it can work well with vertical axis wind turbine.



    Recognize 12V/24V battery automatically

    Wind turbine MPPT track point adjustable

    Electronic components in high quality

    Complete protection function

    Solar and wind generation capacity and electricity consumption visible.

    Seven modes of load output optional.

    RS232/RS485/RJ45/GPRS/Bluetooth/Zigbee monitoring modes optional

    Compatible with standard MODBUS communication protocol


    Model WWS06-24-24
    Rated input power 300W(12V Battery)
    600W(24V Battery)
    Input voltage range 0~16Vdc(12V Battery)
    0~32Vdc(24V Battery)
    Start charge voltage 2Vdc(factory default,2Vdc~15Vdc settable)
    4Vdc(factory default,4Vdc~30Vdc settable)
    Rated input current 22Adc
    PV Input
    Rated input power 150W(12V Battery)/300W(24V Battery)
    Max. Open circuit voltage 24V(12V Battery)/48V(24V Battery)
    Rated input current 13A
    Reversed connection YES
    General Parameters
    Rectifier mode Uncontrolled rectifier
    Display mode LCD
    Display information Battery voltage, wind turbine voltage/current/ power, PV power/voltage/current, light control on voltage,
    light control off voltage, time control duration, load current, wind power generation capacity,
    solar power generation capacity, load power consumption, and so on.
    Product dimension (W*H*D) 150×220×83mm
    Product net weight 2.3kg