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5kw Wind Turbine

Product Features:

1.      Starting with low wind speed, wind energy utilization; small size, beautiful appearance, low vibration operation.

2.      Humanized design, easy installation, maintenance and repair.

3.      Using the new slip ring power output devices, to overcome the traditional small wind turbine wind when the cable winding.

4.      The wind turbine blades using new technology by precision injection molding, together with optimized aerodynamic and structural design, wind energy utilization coefficient is high, increasing the annual generating capacity.

5.      The permanent magnet generator rotor using patented technology alternators, together with the special stator design, effectively reducing the generator resistance torque, while allowing more wind turbines and generator has good matching characteristics, plant operation reliability.

6.      Intelligent and efficient sine wave inverter dc ac inverter to 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz, can directly drive inductive load, but also has a short circuit, overload and battery over-discharge, overcharge automatic protection function, can effectively to prolong battery life.

Wind turbine technical parameters:



Wind wheel diameter


Rated wind speed


Rated Power


Maximum power


Output Voltage


Start up wind speed


Working wind speed


Survivall wind speed


Tower height




Output control system

Charge controllers, inverters

Suggested supporting battery capacity

12V 100AH  ​​10 PCS


Air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, water pumps, electric cooker, color TV, lighting, fans, charging



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