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300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Machine Model GT12P300-1 GT24P300-1 GT48P300-1 GT12P300-2 GT24P300-2 GT48P300-2
Output power 300W
Peak power 600W
Input voltage DC12V DC24V DC48V DC12V DC24V DC48V
Output voltage 100VAC or 110VAC or 120VAC ±5% 220VAC or 230VAC or 240VAC ±5%
No-load current (<) 0.5A 0.3A 0.1A 0.5A 0.3A 0.1A
Output frequency 50HZ±0.5HZ or 60HZ±0.5HZ
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Waveform distortion THD<3%(Linear load)
Output efficiency A maximum of 94%
Input voltage range 10-15.5V 20-31V 40-61V 10-15.5V 20-31V 40-61V
Undervoltage alarm 10.5±0.5V 21±0.5V 42±1V 10.5±0.5V 21±0.5V 42±1V
Undervoltage protection 10±0.5V 20±0.5V 40±1V 10±0.5V 20±0.5V 40±1V
Overvoltage protection 15.5±0.5V 31±0.5V 61±1V 15.5±0.5V 31±0.5V 61±1V
Voltage recovery 13±0.5V 24±0.5V 48±1V 13±0.5V 24±0.5V 48±0.5V
Overvoltage recovery 14.8V±0.5V 29.5V±0.5V 59V±1V 14.8V±0.5V 29.5V±0.5V 59V±0.5V
Protection function Undervoltage / overvoltage LED red light, alarm, automatic recovery
Overload LED red light, alarm, lock
Over-temperature LED red light, alarm, automatic recovery
Short-circuit LED red light, alarm, automatic recovery
Input reverse Diodes or MOS transistor
Operating ambient temperature -10° to +60°
Storage ambient temperature -30° to +70°
Product Size (mm) 162*105*52
Net weight (KG) 0.8
QTY / CTN 18 Pieces
Package Size(mm) 460*440*265
Warranty 24 Months
Start Bipolar soft-start
Cooling: Temperature Controlled Fan
1.The original level of before and after the double soft-start technology
2.CPU core SPWM pulse width control technology
3.The original constant power technology
4.The installation of the MOS transistor anti-reverse technology
5.Before and after class isolation technology
6.A perfect and powerful fault protection alarm and automatic recovery feature(Undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, overload lock protection, overtemperature protection, anti-reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection)
7.Battery over-discharge alarm protection
8.The safety of shock
9.Does not affect the working life of electrical equipment
10.This product is small, light weight, high efficiency, low distortion, non-polluting, low noise. Aluminum alloy shell, surface blasting anodic oxidation treatment, high hardness, beautiful appearance
11.The product uses high-quality double-sided design is simple sophisticated techniques and equipments, components are all high-quality original, to ensure high quality
1.Railway power generation, industrial control, communications exchange
2.Automotive, civil office, industrial and the agricultural sector, the military medical field, vessel traffic
3.Solar power, wind power, gas power generation
4.Load: incandescent lamps, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, printers, air pump, water pumps, electric stove, microwave and so on



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